Sonuby Weather

Showing three screens of Sonuby Weather, a weather app for enthusiasts.


Sonuby Weather is a weather forecast app designed with enthusiasts in mind, providing specialized weather reports for activities like skydiving, surfing and your daily life. Each weather report includes forecasts relevant to the specific area/activity.

Built with Flutter

Sonuby Weather uses Flutter for its ability to create visually appealing, natively compiled applications for mobile, web and desktop from a single codebase. This approach allows Sonuby to be accessible on multiple platforms, ensuring a wide reach and consistent user experience.

Clean architecture

With an emphasis on maintainability and extensibility, Sonuby is built using a clean architecture approach inspired by Uncle Bob. This modular design allows any part of the application to be easily extended, a philosophy that is central to all of our products and services, ensuring longevity and adaptability.


The application uses a serverless architecture, which simplifies maintenance and resource usage. This cutting-edge approach improves scalability and reliability, and reduces the complexity typically associated with back-end development.


Sonuby Weather uses a freemium model that balances free access with premium features. This model allows users to experience the core functionality at no cost, while offering advanced features such as altitude forecasts, customization options, and a dark mode through a subscription. This approach ensures accessibility to a broad audience while supporting app development and providing enhanced services to dedicated users.

Built around user feedback

At the heart of Sonuby Weather’s development is our commitment to user-centered design. Early on, we implemented a feedback board to identify user preferences and needs. This system allows us to prioritize the most requested features and ensure that each update and new feature meets expectations and improves the user experience. By continuously incorporating user feedback, Sonuby Weather not only evolves with its users, but also allows for active participation in the development process.


Sonuby aims to be the leading weather app for weather enthusiasts and meteorologists. It will provide unparalleled customization and visualization of weather forecasts and historical data. An upcoming feature is the Weather Report Builder, which will allow users to customize data views to their specific needs and preferences.

Stack & Technologies

  • Flutter + Dart

  • Material Design

  • BLoC (State Management)

  • Isar (Database)

  • Dio (Http Client)

  • Firebase & Cloudflare Workers